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Making sense of Data Science: The Data Blog

This A-Z guide offers a series of simple, bite-sized explainers to help anyone understand what AI is, how it works and how it’s changing the world around us.

welcomeGreeting() {


# Welcome to the UCL DSS!


ourBelief() {

while (world.exists()) {

    dataScience .willCreateRevolutionaryThings();

    dataScience .willChangeLivesForTheBetter();

    dataScience .willPushHumanityForward();



var mission_1 = spreadAwareness()

Data Science is not itself an end - it’s a means to an end. We aim to help our community understand the potential of this tool, and pass it forward.

var mission_2 = spreadKnowledge()

The potential of this tool lies in its versatility: its limits are the wielder’s. We seek to help our community expand their limits, and be able to use Data Science to generate value.

var mission_3 = spreadOpportunity()

To generate value, our community must become part of the larger Data Science community around the world. That’s why, through direct exposure to industry challenges and employers, we strive to embody and strengthen that link.


DSS Hackathon

An opportunity to put your skills to the test with real-world challenges from our sponsors

UCL AI Conference

A conference with top-of-the-line speakers across industry 

Inspire to Code

A series of volunteering sessions to teach code to children in local schools

More coming!

Stay tuned for updates! 

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Here you will find content from our workshops so you can catch up with them or look at the next ones.


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Put your skills to the test by taking part in challenging analysis of data sets and earn special prizes.


We will boost your awareness of Data Science related opportunities, with regular updates of internship offers.

Many more

You, as a member, will be able to steer the direction of the society and the portal with your feedback.

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